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Quick Overview

REVERS is the polish fitness club located in Lodz. We were recommended by one of the friends who was working there. Mrs. Roksana Sławińska (Headchief of REVERS) business was suffering because of the lack clients and really small prestige.

The Incoming Challenges

A really bad website, no mobile friendlies, no SEO perception, easy to hack. Google did not index homepage, big issues in SEO.

REVERS Fitness Klub Website

Strategy we used to build Revers Branding

One of our strategies was build very friendly and outstanding fitness club website, mainly for women’s. We already made a logo from REVERS support so we took 3 values. 2 neutral: gray and white with fresh fit orange. We knew it that our goal now is to create on free WordPress theme (RokoPhoto Lite) working website that will be modern and will attract more clients.
The design of the old website REVERS was an absolute disaster from User Experience and SEO representation.


We like simplicity, so we took our Balsamiq sketch program and we have started wireframing specific sections such as forms or best places to put an image on the particular subpage of REVERS project.One of the main idea and website goals was to get more extra new clients, so we implement 2 buttons and one of them were navigating to the contact form.

About Revers

On “About REVERS” we focused on more animation aspect – we have executed animating digital plugin with calories counter. This is a nice feature, especially for fitness clubs.
From the other hand, this page also explains why REVERS is a nice place to come and train.

Club Offer

The main idea of club offer page was to increase new customers by SEO. We developed two sections of the same drop-down menu links with SEO requisitions. The left section is for user encounter. The right section contains all details with the different training forms.

Contact and rest of the pages

Contact subpage had contained all necessary pieces of information such as localization, google maps, a contact form that works (because the old website form did not function properly) and other useful contact details.


Before Our company services Revers had

  • No visibility, Google did not index website.
  • Fake, spambots.
  • Unpleasant look.
  • Very bad POOR UX
  • No responsive design
  • Easy to hack



Now, we successfully increased

  • More conversions
  • Website has responsive web design
  • Speed of website is increased
  • Good for SEO
  • Manual of web maintenance in *.pdf file
  • Modern and fit look
  • Google Indexed

The Search Engine Optimization started from implementing basic preparations (page speed, alt, proper keywords.). REVERS had few keywords that were necessary to rank higher (much higher, because this website was not even classified by Google from months).

Also, the website was linked to few SPAM Bots that Google Search Engine does not tolerate.


We helped REVERS in their visibility

After 2 weeks from our SEO services and deep magic – two of the keywords jumped on the TOP 5th place. The website had more conversions and we decreased more unhappy visits because of the SEO and design services.