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About Us

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Because matters why.


We strongly believe that every business needs decent, reliable and honest digital work.

Hipect was created to encourage and help businesses across Ireland establish their online presence with the uniqueness approach. You are more than free to be a part of us because we combined the fresh and fair model of digital marketing in Ireland.

Funny thing is “about us” pages because most of them are about CEO, employers staff and work, they are written in a very official language. Not here.

About Us is more than us - is about You, so please take a look down below at our testimonials.

Jack English


Hipect has a certain style that you may like, has the technical capabilities for things you’ll love on your website and responds quickly to your requests.

Meet Us

Igor Galicki

CEO, Web Developer & Designer, head of hipect.com


Anna Sukiennik

Project Manager, Graphic Designer